Bravo Calvin Klein

Yesterday I posted about Victoria’s Secret Sexy list and what it means to be sexy. I established that everyone can be sexy, a term which is so overused these days. But the problem with Victoria’s Secret is that their list consisted of a particular type of look in order to be sexy, portraying that message to many that you have to be a particular type to gain that label.

I was thrilled today to see the new Calvin Klein underwear campaign featuring 73 year old actress, Lauren Hutton. We never used to see woman past a particular age as being sexy but we didn’t see woman past a particular dress size either. Now both of these are openly and commonly occurring. But the only way they can make progress with this is when someone steps up and makes that example, that anyone and everyone can be sexy.

It’s about diversity and people being able to identify with those on the screen and in print. Instead of looking at a list of young thin white woman, when woman see someone celebrated in the media who has a resemblance to themselves or shares a characteristic, it gives that message and empowerment that they can be sexy too. That they are sexy too.

We don’t all look the same and neither should we try to. Our definition of sexy is not the same so why try and use one term? We need more campaigns like this to celebrate that all woman are and can be sexy and thankyou Calvin for making a start.

Now if only Victoria Secret could do the same…

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