Can sex make us look and feel younger?

I’ve always been a big believer that sexuality starts with the individual self. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the foundation of a great sex life is a person’s self confidence and their level of comfort in their own skin. That sense of self might be affected by factors such as weight loss, inner spirituality, a new dress, a promotion, a great facial or a new hairstyle. Furthermore, confidence is a highly desirable trait in a person so it stands to reason that when you possess greater self confidence you will magnetise others to you. This is of course of one of the fundamental principles behind the law of attraction. An analogy I like to use is that of a car sales man or a real estate agent. These are examples of professions in which those at the top of their game are passionate, or are talented liars, about the product they are selling. They generate excitement about their product which results in a sale. If they don’t love what they are selling, would you as a customer still want to buy it?

So what does that mean for you in the here and now? Well, we are just coming out of the winter months and might be feeling a little sluggish or soft around the edges (and could do with a little oil under the bonnet). So before summer hits, now is the time to boost the better you and get ready for the sexy summer season. Time to strip off some layers and flash a bit of flesh!

With this purpose in mind, I came across a good deal that I think is worth having a look at, (to give u a little lift) from the talented and very delicious Troy Thompson, author, radio host and hairdresser from Ten Years Younger in Ten Day. Included are $19, 000 worth of treatments including everything from dental work, fraxel laser resurfacing, hair care products and a two night getaway to renowned Gaia Retreat and Spa located in beautiful Byron Bay (where if all goes well you might be taking your new summer love or you can always take me if you are feeling generous). For more details visit

And Troy, next time you film Younger in Ten Days, why not add in a fruitful sex life too? Hot sex could be the new botox! It might actually cause a few extra wrinkles (in the sheets that is) but what a fun way to keep yourself looking and feeling younger both inside and out!

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