Celebrities really do struggle to find love

Sophie Monk being announced as the new Bachelorette at first brought confusion and then excitement over the thought of watching the blonde bombshell tell her male suitors exactly how it is (I love her honesty).

I think we all assumed that the next woman ready to find love would be the Bachelor’s reject from last season Nikki (what a great name too), as it follows the patter of how the one to give out roses is usually done. But putting a celebrity in the mix seems to break all the rules.

It makes sense though. Not only for its viewing capabilities, but because for a celebrity it’s even harder to find love. I have worked in media for the past seven years and known a good share of celebrities who struggle in this department. Most looking from the outside in would assume that it’s a life full of freebies, parties and big bank cheques with the ability to get anyone you want due to the status celebrity brings. But it’s quite the opposite on almost all those things.

I have seen people be scared off especially by famous females because they are intimidated by them or get star struck when around them. When in fact they are just ordinal people who others happen to recognised. If a relationship does occur, the other person can get jealous of the attention or not understanding of the industry that person is in (it’s not always pretty and not always easy).

Then you have those who go after celebrities for the wrong reasons. Or what we might call “star f*uckers.” This is where I feel sorry for them the most. When someone is interested in you and showing you affection, everyone wants to believe it’s because of the person they are. But when it comes to pursuing a celebrity, for many the interest might come in their fascination of who the person is, what perks that person can bring or that this person is so wanted by everyone that they have achieved something for being the one to actually get them. It’s not a genuine interest and it can take time to work out.

Then you have the pressure of dating and being in a relationship in the spotlight. We all want to know what’s going on and paparazzi will follow either a dating celebrity or one in a relationship for that perfect shot. It’s a lot for a relationship to have to go through.

I totally get why Sophie would be the right person to have producers screen a bunch of men for her to choose from. It’s not easy being a single celebrity and even though you might think she has it all, she also has a lot to contend with in the battle to finding love.

Good Luck Sophie!

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