Constance Hall on women losing sex-drive in relationships

Blogger Constance Hall has taken to Facebook to speak out about women’s sex drives in long-term relationships.

The 33-year-old controversial mum-of-four said she spoke with sex doctor, Dr Nikki Goldstein about bedroom antics and wondered why people lose interest in sex.

She said the doctor told her the main reason for it is was when partners don’t consider their other half – and Constance totally agreed.

“Who the f*** wants to root a bloke that hasn’t considered them???,” Constance wrote in a Facebook post.

“When someone leaves muddy footprints on the floor you just swept, or comes back from work before you but doesn’t put dinner on, or slept in while you did school run.

“Not me. You can stick to w****** and so will I.”

Constance said another massive factor “is the lack of importance put on the female orgasm”.

The blooger is engaged to father-of-two Denim Cooke. Photo: Facebook


The controversial mother-of-four separated from her husband in April. Photo: Facebook

“I saw a sex therapist say “a women not cumming is like both of you getting dressed up for an amazing day out, you get on the train, it stops at the place… but only he gets out…” she wrote.

“Nikki Goldstein told me that ‘after play’ is the answer, sex is often considered over when the man ejaculates his holy love syrup, rolls over and goes to sleep…. ‘up ya get boys… guess what???’ It’s not all about you… fingers mouths and sex toys are the way of the future, I know it’s hard to accept that the glorious penis rarely finishes the job.”

Perth-based Constance split from her husband of six year, Bill Mahon, in April, announcing their decision to part ways on Facebook.

“We stopped enjoying each other and the kids stopped seeing happiness in our love, only contempt,” she wrote.

The Perth-based blogger has spoken out about long-term relationships. Photo: Facebook

“This decision wasn’t made lightly, obviously he has been the love of my life but we just weren’t making each other happy anymore.

“I was once warned that if you make yourselves redundant to each other, you won’t find a reason to stay together. I guess that kind of happened to Bill and I.”

Just two months later, Constance announced that she was engaged to father-of-two Denim Cooke.

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