Last week I posted a blog called “how to modify your penis.”  It included a section on growing back your foreskin. After this article was posted on twitter, I was sent the link to a film on circumcision done by a jewish documentary film maker. As a jewish female, I really sit on the fence with circumcision and are fascinated by how someone from the same religious upbringing feels about the subject.


I have read the literature against and for it, but also are influenced by a cultural side where all jewish baby boys are circumcised. I also recently attended my first bris, which was an eye opening experience. The thing that got to me the most was not what was going on to the baby, but the nerves and anxiety of his mother.


I also feel that especially in Australia, circumcision is nearly seen as the norm, which unsettles me. We see this as something normal, but this is not the way a baby boy’s penis comes into this world. What upsets me even more is the negative comments I hear from other women about uncircumcised penises. It seems from my observations, something that is more accepted in the gay community.


I don’t think this is something we are ever going to unanimously decide on. But what is right for one person or one family might not be right for the other. We will always differ on our thoughts and opinions, especially something that is very much about  religion and culture.


The true question here is one of consent. Should parents be making a decision about their son’s genitalia? Are they doing the right thing for him or will he be one of those men that feels “ripped off” as an adult. Unfortunatley we will never be able to know what baby boys will want in the future.


There is also the questions of whether this is a barbaric act and one that is similar to female circumcision or if there really are medical benefits to removing the foreskin. Another argument that will never really be won. I have always been told that circumcision was cleaner for a boy, reduced the chance of various STI’s and chances of cervical cancer for women and was also better for men later in life. However, on my last trip to San Francisco, I was sent an email about a group of doctors in one of the hospitals binding together and refusing not to circumcise, maintaining that there were no health benefits.


While I still sit on the fence with this one,  as with any other issue to do with sexuality or our bodies, I encourage you to learn, educate yourselves and know all the facts before you cut.


To help you, I’ve included a link to the documentary that was sent to me. Cut:Slicing Through the Myths of Circumcision.


Happy cutting, or not cutting,


Dr NikkiG

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