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How to navigate awkward new relationships, farts and all


Studies have found bad relationships can lead to serious health problems



Sydney Sexologist Nikki Goldstein: ‘Why I froze my eggs at 30’


Single in Sydney: Sarah’s all abuzz about Nikki Goldstein’s new dating book #singlebutdating

Sexologist’s advice to women: Mix it up and challenge expectations

**you may read the whole article here: Sarah, A put down in Surry hills

**you may read the whole article here: Single in Sydney





Less Sex for Aussies due to encroaching electronic World 


From reality TV to reality: it’s time to meet the kid


Nine dating lessons we can learn from The Bachelor


We don’t talk about sex enough — that’s a given. Even when you hear people mutter the word, it’s with a change in voice and volume, as though sex is an illegal activity.


Single in Sydney: Sydney dating and does it matter what we singles wear on dates?

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