Dating in LA

So I’ve just spent yet another few days in the craziness of LA and getting ready to jet off to NY. Every trip I do over here is different and I always seem to take something away from it. What is the point of living life and having these experiences unless you can learn, that is how we grow after all. LA is an interesting place to me and I do have moments when I love it and also hate it. But of course, being a Sexologist that travels, I love to sink my teeth into the meat market when aboard to analyse a few things. I like to call it a bit of research so to speak. (But my research has it’s perks along the way).


I always used to think that Australians were a little bit behind the US when it came to sexuality and being sexually open. But LA is different place altogether, people care more about what people think and therefore their sexuality can be inhibited out of fear of negative judgements. There is so much they are afraid to say and do out loud. This is a place where everyone is trying to “make it” and as I found out, every guy works in ”movies” or is an “actor” (pick up on my sarcasm?). When you are fighting so hard to get to the top I suppose something has to suffer and sexuality might be that thing. It’s not to say that there is not a certain level of sexual freedom going on over here as I always discover, but when I peel away the sexual freedom that I find, it could just be due to the fact that I am on holidays and out socialising with alcohol, like most places, when the sun rises it’s a different story.


Now the same behaviour does exist down under, but maybe due to a larger population, it can become more evident somewhere like LA and for those single women we tend to generalise based on the most common type of man we have come across. ( So for me, wannabe actors and movie producers).


The dating scene always amazes me when I come over here. Do I think LA men are better than our blokes back home? I’m still undecided on that one. I do have a think=g for an American accent on a hunky looking guy and do think they breed more gentleman who make more of an effort to approach women, but that might also be a matter of population once again. The bigger a population the more great men there are. (But the more bad ones there are too).


There is also still the same dramas – not retuning calls, dropping off the radar when the chase is over, telling a women what she wants to here etc ( do you think I’m hinting at anything, lol ). But combine the same dating behaviours as most cultures with a deeper concern about being judged and I do think the negatives over in LA when they do come out can be amplified. It’s at these times I miss the down to earth care free Aussie spirit that I think is so valuable and precious. Maybe men in LA could be said to be little more up tight (But I still do have a thing for them).


My weakness for the American accented men continues and so does my joys and heartaches. I sometimes feel like I should be saying “do what I say, not what I do”, but at least I am learning from all my experiences.


Off to NY, I wonder what the men there have installed for me?




Dr Nikki

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