Demi & Ashton, more than just a divorce

We live in a culture that idolises celebrities and strives to model their behaviour and their lives. This will and has always been a worry to me. These people are celebrities, not perfect human beings. We should pay to see them in a movie or buy their latest CD, but not emulate their behaviour!


They also have the power to influence how we date, how we love and how create relationships. “If they can do it, than so can we”, is the common attitudes for some.


This can work well at times, and Hollywood can be responsible for breaking down social boundaries when it comes to love.


But one headline has me concerned

‘Demi is attracted to women… so didn’t always get all she needed from Ashton’: Fresh claims hint that Moore is bisexual, as couple practiced ‘open marriage’


It was rumoured that Demi and Ashton were in an open relationship and I do think this did wonders for the myths that surrounded this form of relationship in society. A couple who were so well respected in their fields, successful and what seemed to be a great relationship were defying social standards and beating the odds.


With the news of their divorce recently breaking, will it be the couples martial problems that gets blamed for their split or the basis of the relationship? I fear that the emphasis will be more focused on their so called open relationship and therefore the slogan “ open relationships don’t work, look what happened to Demi and Ashton” still start to follow.


But here is the thing, how many relationships, even in Hollywood end that were not open? Tradition doesn’t work for everyone either, especially in Hollywood.


Demi and Ashton also made the term “cougar” acceptable and it is now widely used and practiced. They were the ones responsible for really putting cougar on the map and pushing the term from a sexual fling to a possible real romance. Is this going to cop it too? Will the critics also be screaming, “I told you so, age gaps don’t work. “



Let’s hope people can maintain an open mind when reading the facts of this story. At times situations like this gets a judgmental spin when published by those who are writing and producing.  Is it fact or it is someone’s own bias seeping through the words? Unfortunately, what it does is sell the story no matter of its impact on society.


My fear is that all the good this couple has done to path the way for others sexually and romantically could now spill down the drain. Its Hollywood’s influence at it’s worst!


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