Designer Condoms, The Answer to Safer Sex?

The Louis Vuitton monogram recently appeared on a condom for World Aids Day, the first condom to receive the privilege of a designer logo.  However this is not be an official product of the company being created by Irakli Kiziria, an architect from Georgia Republic, who is not affiliated with Louis Vuitton.


Could a designer help the fight towards safer sex and reducing  STI’s including HIV and accidental pregnancies? This might have been a gimmick to grab some on line attention and get fashionistas salivating over another designer good, but the idea just might be more affective in the bigger scheme of things.

Many people especially women can become embarrassed or shy over the prospect of purchasing condoms in a public place or being found to be carrying them. Would combining a condom with a designer logo help eliminate this and not only normalise the purchase of condoms but help make it something fun and more interesting.


The fear method of promoting safer sex is somewhat affective but we still have a high rate of non compliance when it comes to the use of condoms. Until we can create the invisible condom, making them fun and fashionable might be the answer.


The only downfall of this condom is it’s price at $68. Not only should safer sex be fun and fashionable but affordable too.



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