Did You Forget About Valentine's Day?

This article was inspired by my local deli. Apparently last year on Valentine’s Day, a man stormed in and asked for a chocolate decoration that had been hanging up in the shop for weeks to be cut down so he could give it to his girlfriend. How romantic?


If you are one of those poor schmucks that forgot to get the obligatory red roses and chocolates or feel your present is just not good enough – here are five last minute tips to redeem yourself. (And not have to cut down old objects hanging the window of shops).


1. Your time


I always think the most generous gift you can give someone is your time. It lets them know they are important enough in your life. If you forgot to make plans or buy a token of your love, be spontaneous, grab a picnic basket or make a last minute reservation and focus on the one you love. Odds are if you were too busy to organise something in the first place (lets just not hope too lazy) then giving them your time will mean the world.


2. Chores can be presents (I think)


Whether you are male or female, I bet there is something your loved one has been asking you to do for a while, but laziness or the can’t be bothered mood kicks in. The best last minute gift is being selfless. I know it might hurt but cleaning the office, fixing the car, or even changing those light bulbs could help for your Valentine’s Day tardiness. This is not a strong one to make up for your forgetfulness, but it still might help soften the blow a little.


3. Use your words


This one is a great one for men as they are not always know to be the best communicators and expressers of emotions. Why not put your emotions on to paper? (Not on Facebook please!).  Nothing cliché, just how you feel about that loved one, why they make you smile, and how much you really love them. We don’t often take the time to talk about our emotions and love for ecahother, instead we are niggling away at what our partner is not doing or nagging them to do something else. Actions speak louder than words, but putting pen to paper is an action.


4. Get your hands dirty in the kitchen


This was one that was actually done for me one year and it meant the world. See I am one of those women that cooks, and in a previous relationship cooked 95% of the time. One Valentine’s Day I was sent away to the bedroom to return to the living room a while later to a candle lit table set for two and a home cooked meal. Now the meal was not the best, but the thought that went into it was just perfect. It was definitely one of the most memorable Valentine’s Days.


5. Spice things up in the bedroom (of course you know I am going to say that)


It’s Valentine’s Day, what else are you suppose to do? This one will involve, massage oil, candles, and something to cover their eyes (all of which could be found in your local shopping centre) Light some candles, cover their eyes and give them the most sensual massage possible. Treat them to something special and spoil them rotten. (And you can always give them a happy ending too!). This is the perfect opportunity to give your partner something sexually they have always wanted. Do they have a desire, do they want you to wear something different? What better present than to deliver them with pleasure?


Good luck and if all else fails just remind them how much you love them (with big puppy dog eyes).


Happy Valentines Day,


Dr NikkiG

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