I walk into the lecture room and after greeting everyone with a big hug my attention is drawn to the object sitting up the front. A machine, with a base stand and a pink seat on top with a large object sticking out of it and a remote control, the DiscoStick(R) (or as I like to call it every women’s and man’s new best friend). An object able to give women orgasms through their clothing! The director of the school yells out to the front of the class pointing at me ‘ watch out for this one she is going to want to ride it’. Welcome back to sex school where everything you thought was normal and standard goes out the window the second you walk in and the first day was going to go off with a bang (well for some of my class mates it did).


What happens when women realise they are not dependent on a man’s penis? Meet the disco stick! But this intrinsic looking electronic object is so much more than a bit of sexual fun and surprisingly has the potential to open up women’s minds about sexuality and in my opinion save marriages and relationships of all types not to mention the therapeutic and physical benefits. To begin with, do not slump this stick into the same category of a phallic like plastic vibrator (and if it was up to me I might change the name from a stick to something less phallic) it is a massage and therapeutic device that has the potential to give women’s sexual pleasure with their clothes on (I think I just heard every man shudder in fear). But don’t fear it or women’s orgasms embrace and enjoy it!


In the same way face book changed the electronic and on line social world, could the DiscoStick(R) transform our sex lives? The creator is not a sexologist or a sex crazed women nor some kinky pervert but simply a husband with a background in electronics trying to help his wife achieve orgasms again  after an emergency c section and suffering various health implications. (How sweet?)


The DiscoStick(R) is not only the lyrics of a very catchy lady GaGa song but is a clever invention that, in a nutshell the disco stick seems to vibrate everything! It’s not direct clitoral simulation or penetration but a vibration of the entire uterine area from the ligaments. I’m still not entirely sure of the specifics but I have seen it in action!


Unlike many other sticks this one boasts being able to give some women orgasms in less than a minute  and the refractory period is also a lot shorter. Some women also report being able to have ,multiple orgasms for the first time. (  I am sold!)


But besides the obvious sexual gratification, it has so many other benefits and the more I think about it ( or more like fantasize owning one in my own home) the more I think it could be used for.


The DiscoStick(R) allows women and their partner to focus on other aspects of their sexuality, instead of focusing on stimulation. There is so much pressure during sex to deliver the big 0, and lets face it with many women not being able to have a vaginal orgasms not to mention some not being able to have one at all, when it comes to women and their sexual functioning, things can get a bit complex. The focus can shift to an immense bout of pressure to perform. One woman reported that it was emotional Viagra for her husband because he didn’t have to worry about the stimulation and could enjoy the experience.


This device also soften up scar tissues from abdominal surgery, assist with kegal exercises and strengthen muscle. It’s a form of safe sex, a good warm up before exercise and can help a women who is pre orgasmic realise her body is capable of that fantastic function. The more I think about it the list gets longer from menstrual cramps to saving marriages the easiest, hands free orgasm a women can have – for those Alpha females out there taking over the word, you might appreciate and no fuss, no mess solution to sexual pleasure.  Not to mention a possible solution to low libido and a sexless stuck-in –the-rut-marriage.


But it gets better, the disco stick could now be found in your local nightclub in the US (Justin Hemms and John Ibrahim’s please take note). Besides providing for some pleasure, fun and a bit of a laugh it was found that with these machines in such a public arena, women starting talking about sex and it brought up important issues regarding sexuality. Who knew it would take an orgasmic making machine to start us talking about sex, maybe a few more incentives involved than a Cosmo sealed section. It might also results in a few more happily ever afters at the end of the night. Out with the day of dating coaches, pick up lines and buying women drinks. All you need to do is get her started with a ride on the DiscoStick(R)!


I feel like this is an infomercial and I am selling you the blender with 5 uses however the DiscoStick’s gets even better. It is possible that the disco stick could bust cultural myths around sexuality (I think this thing could nearly put me out of a job). In many cultures love and sex are so tightly connected that many women mistake the feelings associated with sexual pleasure as love. But what happens if you feel these feelings on the DiscoStick(R)? I’m not sure what the word is for love with a mechanical object (and it probably is a fetish that does exist) but I’m sure in most cases this would not be the end results. Thus, this machine can allow women to see what their bodies are actually physically capable of, a physical sensation before an emotional aspect is combined and confused with it.


Before you jump to that line of “Won’t women become so attached to the stick that a guy can never get them off?” think about it, it is after all just a machine. And for those of you who have ever heard of vaginal ache, she might not be done after the ride on the DiscoStick(R) and is just getting started. This is not a replacement for a man but rather an enhancement to sexuality. (And possibly the best and most effective form of foreplay)


For all those concerned about your partner’s addiction to the DiscoStick(R), it does have the potential to increase a women’s sexual desire.  Looking at it from a neuroscience perspective, when an activity is repeated, it can strengths the pathways in the brain to repeat that behaviour! Practice does make perfect and what better what to explore the big O. It also comes in a variation where the man can be involved and also be stimulated in a standing up version.


So the next question, how can I get my hands (and body) on one? Well I know this is a tease but they are not yet available. I will do everything possible to get these special sticks hitting our shores (and our vulvas) ASAP and I will it scream it from the roof tops when I do (or just scream in general). For even more of a tease and a little taste, check out the stories on www.discostick.co


There is also a great youtube video if you would like to see more about the DiscoStick(R). It is interesting to take note here that there are images of women having orgasms and it is still considered disturbing to some people  even though these women are fully dressed. It is merely a facial expression of pleasure. I urge you to think about this when watching the clip……


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