Do you believe love is active or passive? Do you fall in love or can you grow to love someone?

Love is something that cannot be measured and differs for each individual. We all think we know what love is, but it’s something we feel, not something we can measure or see. I believe that love is both active and passive but depends on each person’s view on love. Some people just fall in love because they fall in love. They have no control over it, they might not even be able to find a reason for it, but it’s there. Some people don’t like that an emotion can control them and maybe even go to the extent to suppress it. But love can happen this way and often does. And this is why it’s important to put yourself in positions where you meet new people, go out on dates with people you might not think tick off the list because you just never know when you will fall in love. It’s not a choice, rather something that overcomes you. The decision is made for you. The only decision you have to then make is if you can be with this person you love. As much as I believe love can be passive and active, I also believe that love isn’t always enough. We can also love people and not be in a relationship with them.

Love can however be something that grows and is worked on. With many arranged marriages, people meet, spend time together and due to the bounds of the relationships they are in, grow to love one another. Does it mean that one love is better than the other? That’s again up for the individual to decide. Love is love no matter how you get there. There is nothing wrong with love the grows and often important why we need to find common interest and grounds with people and stick around long enough to find out what’s there.

There is no such things as right or wrong when it comes to love. As long as you can recognise when it’s there.

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