Do you have to be hot to find love on TV?

I recently watched the preview for the upcoming show, Love Island Australia. Whilst I think I’m already addicted before it starts, I doubt it’s for the right reasons. All I see is a bunch of very hot people on their way to an island so this bunch of very hot people can perve on each other, allow us to perve on them and start hooking up with each other (which we will also be perving on). It’s voyeurism at its best. I’m not sure how much genuine love will be found on this so-called love island, but it will be fun to watch. If you haven’t seen the clip already, warning, it might make you want to run straight to the gym. It’s one of the more sexier shows that will strike our screens, but it seems it’s not the only one at the moment.

Have you been watching Bachelor in Paradise? Yup, I’m also hooked. It’s probably the one reality dating show that is as close to what it’s like out there in the modern dating world. They all seems to be hooking up, making connections but keeping a little distance because someone better might come along. Sound familiar? It’s as though Tinder was just put on screen with running commentary and the competition can be seen. However, there is more to dating, hooking up and finding love to this show as well. Have you also seen Apollo’s abbs? It would seem that the prerequisite to arrive in paradise would be a hot bod in a bikini or board shorts. But then Bachelor and Bachelorette wasn’t any different.

Whilst I might be drooling, I’m also concerned about what messages this sends to others out there also looking to find love. Do you have to spot a hot bod to be considered for a match? And if the attractiveness of these sorts fails to find them ‘the one’, what does it say for others? What we all need to keep in mind when viewing these shows is the words ‘ratings’. In the wake of Married at First Sight where clothes were kept on because the drama was enough, the following acts need to ensure us viewers keep tuning in and sometimes it’s good looks that will be flaunted to do so. But these supposed good looks are only one type of person. I only wish we could show diversity of good looks also on these shows. At the end of the day, what is sexy? Something Victoria Secret decided or what we feel inside? There is no definition of what sexy is, so maybe it’s time we showed different examples of sexy on sets.

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