Dying Your Labia

It seems to be  “ things you can do to your vulva week”,  on my blog, so why not keep with the theme and tell you about something else I found you can do to your vulva? Labia dye! This lovely product comes in the form of a product called “ my new pink button”. Research for this article consisted of a peak of my own labia to try and work out what colour I would call it. I would call it flesh and if the pink dye is like anything on the logo of the product, I’m not sure I would want my genitals looking like cotton candy.


This product is a temporary dye to restore the youthful pink colour back to your labia. I know the vulva changes with age, but I’m trying to think if it ever was exactly pink!


So this one of a kind product was designed by a female certified paramedical aesthetician after she discovered her own genital colour loss. After also discovering multitudes of other women who were complaining of the same problem or more like discolouration, and no solution, she created this product. I like a woman on a mission! Especially one with her vulva’s best interest at heart. Except the question did come to mind, why should the colour of our vulvas be important or more sexually attractive if they are pink? Is it more about how it functions or how it looks? It’s a bit like, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts. (Although other areas on the outside feel good as well).  “And why pink? And why is pink youthful? If we are changing the colour why not blue, red, or purple?


As we are all different, it also comes in 4 shades, Marilyn, Ginger, Bettie and Audry. And my favourite line from the product bio is “Our products are never tested on animals, but it will bring out the animal in you.” Is this just a marketing tool or is there more behind it? Will something like this give us youthful confidence or is it just playing on our insecurities about our vulvas?


We are fed doubt about our genitals, they are not tight enough, not compact enough, don’t smell right, don’t taste right and now not pink enough. I am against over emphasis on genitals for the purpose of confidence! We are not exposed to enough images of real, every day vulvas, therefore we all think the “normal” vulva is something we see in pornos or media that is often altered as well. What we compare ourselves to and use as the line of normal is really not. Are we striving for something that is not common or that we should not be striving for at all?


Should we be creating more products like this to change our vulvas or be exposing people to what vulvas are really all about? If they do change colour with age, have no fear, it’s normal, as long as they still function just as well.


Happy dying your labia (or not),


Dr NikkiG

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