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Let’s be honest, we have all used Facebook as a dating site. Maybe not directly but we have added someone we had a crush on, sent someone a message we were keen on and liked a photo to remind them we were there. So why not just turn it into one?


Well a new website is promoting casual sex between Facebook friends and redefining sexual relationships.  Bang With Friends (which sounds self explanatory) allows you select the Facebook friends you’d like to have sex with. If the feeling is mutual, both parties receive an email message to establish a get together (or bang). And just when we thought the judgemental aspects of Facebook were safe in our private thoughts, Bang With Friends has a “bangability” score which measures your trending sexiness based on the number of people who view and click on you.


Is this taking Facebook down the gutter or is this just a more honest approach to what some of us already use Facebook for. Adding a person on Facebook has now  become part of the courtship process, but it then does pose the questions of how you go from Facebook friends to something more?



Some of the best relationships start with a friendship but I doubt that is the case with  Facebook friendships. I get that we will use sites like these to get to know someone we are keen on, but if you can help it, when you meet that one who catches your attention, swap numbers not Facebook details. Isn’t it better to get to know someone in person or on the phone without the existence of their entire false flaunted life in your face and possible mutual friends interfering with opinions?


When we add someone on Facebook we are keen about, we first go through their photos and then look for mutual friends so we can call them up and ask them what this person is all about. Doesn’t that take away the excitement of the first date? What do you talk about? What happened to a bit of mystery? Has Facebook spoiled that for us?


We are living in the age of hook up culture and the era of wanting everything now and everything on line but there are some things I personally want to keep a bit  old fashioned mentality in and my love life is one of them. The rules of how we date and who we date might have changed but what shouldn’t change is how we meet them. Embrace technology and use it to advance your love life, but keep in mind this might just be another avenue like  bar or nightclub to meet someone but the real sparks are still when you see them in person.  Sometimes we need to get off line and get back to the basics.


Happy Dating,




Dr Nikki

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