Fallen Princesses

As little girls, we are all told of fairy tales where princesses are saved by prince charming and they live happily ever after. What we think is just a harmless story might be doing us a disservice later in life.


Some girls don’t let the fairy tale go and fail to see reality, going through life waiting for a man (prince charming) to save them only to live the life so many place as the ultimate happiness. I don’t want to be cynical and say getting married and living happily ever after isn’t everything it’s meant to be, but what I’m trying to tell you is it’s not for everyone and instead of giving the same storyline over and over again, we need to be giving our children choices. Some people get married and have children, some get married but don’t have children and some don’t do either. The messages we need to portray are that we as princess can make up our own rules and live our lives according to how we feel happy. But don’t worry I still love fairy tales, I just am aware of reality too.


That’s why I loved one photographer Dina Goldstein’s striking series, fallen princesses where she asks what would happen to the princesses later in life and after the happily ever after? What would a princess look like if she had to battle a disease, struggle financially or deal with aging? These are the realities we all face so why shouldn’t a princess face it too?


I found these images powerful, thought provoking and empowering.


What would happen to Rapunzel if she lost her hair from Chemo?


What would happen to Snow White after three children and an unhappy marriage?


What would happen to Cinderella after problems with booze?


What would happen to Belle and her adored looks?


And what about Aladdin’s Jasmine?


I hope you find your own happily ever after




Dr Nikki


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