Fans rage at Married at First Sight twins: ‘The quest for fame is shameless!’

The twins from Channel Nine’s reality series, Married at First Sight, copped a slashing on social media for their heart felt deliveries to their husbands of 8 weeks.

For Michelle, it was not necessarily goodbye to Jesse but a transference to the friend zone. For Shannon, a warning before yes.

But even with these honest and nice gestures, social media went into meltdown, criticising the blonde twins. It seems the online trolls have been out in force this week, first with the backlash for Melissa George and her pleas after experiencing domestic violence and now attractive twins who put their necks on the line and faces on TV to find love. Are we being a bit too harsh?

The question was raised did Michelle string Jesse along to get more face time on TV? It was evident in the beginning that sparks weren’t exactly flying but this is an experiment after all. I give her credits for seeing the experiment out. She put effort into it, tried to get to know him, trusted her match to see if something might form, but in the end was honest and true to her own feelings. If she might have ditched him earlier on, there would still be criticism but probably for not giving it enough of a go. It’s a loose when you consider the possible negative opinions online.

What about Shannon? The chemistry with Nick was there from the start but her trust issues and his playboy past became a bit of an issue. Who hasn’t had trust issues in a new relationship? She was right to say trust needed to be earnt as an expert suggested match is still no guarantee. Shannon was also criticised at her final commitment ceremony even though she gave him her heart. This time because it might have sounded as though her declaration was going to go the other way. This might have been a production technique to keep us on our seats, but also once again honest and truth being delivered in a gentle way.

These opportunities were not one to declare marriage necessarily (as it might have looked) but instead the continuing of a relationship in the real world. What a great opportunity to let her wall down and be venerable enough to confess her concerns.

So why did the online world give these two girls such a difficult go? Jealousy due to their good looks? Our inability to see the positive in any situation these day or the enjoyment and entertainment received in hearing and giving these negative views? After all, we enjoy the idea of true love, but we thrive on watching drama. And if it’s not there, we seem to be even better at creating it online.

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