Female Ejaculation

It’s very rare that I find videos or youtube clips that I feel have some accurate and useful information about sex. However when I do, I feel that I need to share these with you. Let’s face it, some times we just don’t want to read, who has the time?


This video is about female ejculation, a subject that I’m sure I will be writing about again. It’s that one thing ( other than those pricks that say the g-spot doesn’t exist) where many people still debate if it is myth of fact. Is it just something that porn stars can do? A bit like the porn party party trick? And is it really urine?. If men can do it ( of course with a slightly different substance) then why can’t women?


New flash: It’s normal, natural, possible and not pee!


Happy watching ( or even ejaculating),


Dr NikkiG







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