Foetal Masturbation?

Masturbation is one of those hot sticky (you know I had to use that word) issues that will be forever debated! Is it normal? Should we do it? If you are in a relationship should you and your partner still masturbate? And does is really make you go blind?


I am an advocate and a supporter of the handy act. Not only is it a way to get in touch with your sexuality and explore what your body is capable of but it also has a long list of health benefits, such as reliving pain and stress.


I have been told before that young baby boys are capable of having erections in the womb however an extract from a book I have been reading. “ The Clitoral Truth” by Rebecca Chalker took this concept of foetal sexuality to a new level. We struggle to think of children, especially babies as sexual beings but examples such as this demonstrate how sexuality and especially masturbation is innate! A person does not develop their sexuality according to a textbook or in accordance with the legal age set by the government! It’s start from the very beginning!


A few years ago, a report from a group of Italian Obstetricians published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology described an interesting masturbatory behaviour of a female fetus during an ultrasound examination.


They claimed that they observed a female fetus at 32 weeks’ gestation touching her vulva with fingers on her right hand. Apparently the movements were centred mostly on the region of the clitoris (smart baby).  These movements would stop after 30 to 40 seconds and after a short break start again (her little hand must have gotten tired). What intrigued me further was that these light touches were repeated and were associated with short, ridged movements of the pelvis and legs (maybe she was just dancing? Yeh right). It was recorded that after another break, in addition to this behaviour, the fetus contracted the muscle of the limbs and climaxed. Clonicotonic movements (rapid muscle contraction of the body) followed. She then relaxed and rested.


It just goes to show you that masturbation really is natural and normal and probably starts at an age a lot earlier than most people think. Babies don’t see this as sexual or dirty or shameful, simply something that feels good! This is how it should be viewed by the rest of the world.


If I ever get pregnant with a baby girl I hope she will be doing exactly the same thing. When will people learn that pleasure is not a bad, dirty or terrible thing and that as the owner of our bodies we are entitled to pleasure ourselves whenever we want, even in the womb!


Happy Masturbating,

Dr NikkiG

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