Generally speaking I’m a rational type of person but sometimes I find I have a few to drink and start texting silly things to guys. How do I control this?

It’s totally normal and just might be a case of dutch courage gone a little wrong. The alcohol lowers your inhibition and you might be saying just too much with no control being had. Some people handle alcohol better than others and it’s important to recognise how you act and what you text after a few to drink. If you know this is happening to you first explore whether there are potentially any issues that are coming out when you are drunk. Are you feeling a little insecure? Are there other issues from the past that haven’t been dealt with? Often when we drink and our inhibitions our lowered, it allows thoughts and feelings that we are supressing to really come alive.

If you are just one of those people where alcohol is not your friend, if you are heading out for a night out or know you will be having a few to drink, put the phone away. Turn it off if you are at home with friends or at someone’s house. If you need to have it on, block a few numbers you might be tempted to text. Even deleting numbers but give them to your friends is a great tactic, as long as you don’t trick yourself and hide the number somewhere else your phone or keep an old text.

It’s important too to be honest with your friends that you might be drinking with. Let them know at what point they should either stop you drinking or check on your phone behaviours. And if you can’t have this conversation with friends, then they are the wrong friends to be drinking with.

I would love to say that this is a matter of self restraint, but after a few drinks any chance of restraint might go out the window.

And I’m sure there is an app for this where you can block people’s numbers for a night when you are out socialising with beverages in hand. And if there isn’t, it’s about time someone created one.

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