Get Your Sexy On For Pink Ribbon Month & Help Raise More Money!

On Sunday, myself and 30 other women piled into my apartment to raise money for the Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Month. This was not an ordinary ladies afternoon tea, my apartment was decked out in everything pink from flower, balloons, candles, and some half naked men dancing around a pole! Breast cancer is something that has affected my family and a cause we have always supported, but it does not mean we can’t have some fun whilst doing it and hence, Get Your Sexy On For Pink Ribbon Month was born.


The Boys from Entertain Hers



After a successful evening and raising nearly 1k, I was shocked to see a negative comment on twitter about myself stating, “All she’s does is take a buncha pics of naked male strippers LMAO silly hoe!” but my response, “they r criticising me 4 posting pics of male strippers but those boys helped me raise 1k 4 breast cancer, who’s silly now?. It’s not often that I take notice of any negative comments on twitter, but this motivated me to do something more and turn a negative into a positive.


Me and my family supporting Pink Ribbon Month

So I’ve decided 1k is not enough, we should still be getting our sexy on for Pink Ribbon Month and I want to raise more! So if you would like to get involved, there are two ways you can do this.


1. You can make a donation at the following link




2. Purchase a product from my shopping cart and 50% of the profits will go to Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Month. Continuing on with our theme of being able to have a bit of fun and raise money at the same time.( And definitely a way to get your sexy on).


My amazing friends supporting Pink Ribbon Month in their best pink outfits and with their pink treats!



Please support Pink Ribbon Month and thank you in advanced,




Dr Nikki












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