Higher IQ Equal Higher Sex Drive?

Does a high IQ equal a high sex drive? (Well I am a Doctor who studies sex for a living so maybe my opinion is  a little biased).


UK Sex toy retailer Lovehoney recently revealed that students from Cambridge University spent the most of sex toys and soft bondage in the last year with their top purchases including the rabbit vibrator and juggle balls.


Cuming in second………  Cambridge University,  who also seems to favour more exclusive toys spending three times as much on luxury vibrators.  Manchester University also ranked third in this sex toy race.



Lovehoney has suggested that these high levels of sex toy spending appears to show a heightened interests in sex amongst students in these elite Universities. Frankly I think it might be a matter of finances and also maybe a little more knowledge on how the body works at this academic level. Or maybe they really are just smarter in knowing how great and important sex is. But it’s not to say you still won’t find some anti vibe prudes running around these campuses.


I would think these days, any university student might have a heightened interest in sex –isn’t  that was these places are for anyway ( oh and education of course).


An accurate study or some great useless stats to support sex toy purchases? You be the judge


Happy  sex toy shopping




Dr Nikki


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