How To Modify Your Penis!

There will always be the debate of a man’s penis! Size, colour, bent, cut or uncut. What is perfect? What is normal? And what do women really want?


While we can continue to quarrel over helmet versus sock, there are also a few other ways a penis can be modified. Whether it should be, is the next question.  Now everything I tell you has a point. I’m not yet sure what the point of telling you this is, besides some fun and entertaining facts, but lets hope I don’t start a trend with this information otherwise the women out there could be getting a two eyed snaked instead of one! (Aren’t those things complicated enough?).


Bihari –This ancient Chinese practice involved the cutting of the supporting ligaments above the penis, causing the penis to drop forward, giving the illusion of one’s dim sums being endowed with an extra inch or two of penis shaft. But remember looks can be deceiving (in this case only an inch or 2).


Implants – diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, however according to the tribes in southeast Asia, so were bells, stones, jewels, ivory, gold, pearls, balls and shells – however, these objects were not worn on bodies but still delivered a level of satisfaction! These objects were implanted into the penis to enlarge it, providing extra tactile sensation for the female (how considerate) and duplicate the penis shape of local animals. Dogs might be a man’s best friend, but apparently the penis of a rhinoceros is his envy. And if you were really lucky and showed honour to your king – he gratefully presented you with one of his implants – why thanks? I suppose the Hollywood equivalent is like Kimberly Stewart giving her breast implants to Jack Osborn as a souvenir?


Meatotmy – this is not the latest and greatest in butchery (although close to it) but this next one is for all those men who wish to insert the penis of another man into the tip of their penis. Yes, take a deep breath before reading further. This lovely procedure refers to an incision or tearing done to enlarge the urethra. This often evolves from masturbation with an a bit of a difference – an instrument being inserted into the urethra. The instrument used eventually grows in size to tear tissue. (Even I feel queasy) If this is not your style, others cut on, or two sides of the urethra and pack the area to keep the sides from mending together. (Injecting poison into our face does not sound so barbaric anymore).


Splitting – Now this one comes from our glorious land down under. This lovely delightful act come from Aborigines who worshiped a totem lizard that had a split penis. (I worship handbags but I don’t modify my vulva to look like one!).  Most men however practiced a less dramatic form. However one man reported after supposedly taking several years to split his penis, that he was able to have full erections but not in two complete separate halves. Looks like my worst fears are possible after all – two eyed snakes here we come! (Not to mention what will happen at ejaculation – duck and cover, it’s coming from all angles)


Foreskin Restoration – This next one is for those who are feeling say a little ripped off by their parent’s decision on their arrival. (Pardon the pun). Just as bangs go in and out of fashion, apparently so do foreskins. This procedure is used to either stretch the foreskin or to surgically restore this flap over the penis. The slow method creates undetectable lacerations and the body responds by generating new skin cells to fill the open areas creating more skin! If only making boobs bigger could be that easy too!


These are not procedures I suggest you all run out and do, but with this entertaining information I do want to reiterate that we really are all different and when it comes to sexuality, there is no limit. Just when I think I’ve heard it all, something comes along that shocks me. (Like most of the above).


Happy modifying your penis (or really appreciating what you already have),


Dr NikkiG

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