I can have an orgasm on my own but not when I’m in a relationship. What does this mean?

It means that you are normal. When you have an orgasm by your own hand, who is around to watch you, to put pressure on you or to even judge you? No one. You can relax, enjoy it and do exactly what you want to do to reach that ‘Big O’. Often it’s this relaxed state of mind which is the best tool to get a woman there. You can make loud noises, be in random position and use whatever object you please. There is no one is for you to be concerned about what they think and about their sexual needs. You are able to tap into the sexual responses that your body elicits and enjoy those.

However, when you bring another person into the mix, it can halt the ability to orgasm due to more thoughts that might be happening upstairs. You might start to consider their needs, what they find attractive and also put that pressure on yourself that you need to cum. That pressure in itself can see an orgasm hide away. It’s like stage fright. If no one else was in the theatre you could perform. But if there were others watching, your performance might be halted.

The best way to overcome this it to try and relax when with someone. You might flag that this is an issue for you and get their help to not only put the pressure off but to help put your mind at ease. Sometimes it also takes time with people to really feel relax enough to fully let go.

Focus on the fact that you do know how to make yourself orgasm and just know that the next step to experiencing this with someone around it just a matter of letting go. You have done the hardest part, now it’s just time to go a bit more with the flow.

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