I don’t think I want children but my partner keeps telling me I should consider freezing my eggs.

I don’t think I want children but my partner keeps telling me I should consider freezing my eggs. He has children from a previous relationship and doesn’t mind if we don’t have any more but is concerned I will one day change my mind. I’m not sure what to do?

The key words here and that you don’t ‘think’ you want children. So, there is still a part of you that might? You don’t want to rush into something like this if you are unsure but time might be against you. There is never really the perfect time to have a baby, however not being sure if you want one in the first place is something you should resolve before you do.

Freezing your eggs is a good idea if you do one day change your mind. You can’t go back on this decision later down the track if you haven’t. This way the option might just be there.

The next thing you need to decide is it you want to freeze eggs or embryos and what the implications of that might be. Freezing embryos will ensure a much higher percentage survival right but if these eggs are fertilised to embryos, will you feel that it’s more of a start to life? For some it doesn’t matter and for others they feel more connected to these embryos and like they should at least continue on with the process.

You have also mentioned the word partner. If you do freeze embryos I’m assuming this would be with the sperm of your current partner. If you are not married or are not sure about the length of the relationship, then freezing embryos with him is assuming you will have children with him If you use these embryos. If you are not 100% sure about the future of your relationship, then eggs might be a better option. However, you will need to work out how to get around this without him realising why.

Whatever you decide, know that if you are not yet entirely sure if you don’t want children, freezing your eggs or embryos might see that one day it’s an option instead of that choice being taken away from you for biological reasons.

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