I enjoy first dates but then seem to freak out on the second as though I need to decide then and there if this is to be a relationship or not. How do I date from a more calm state of mind?

In the modern world or rapid dating where it feels like you can be in a relationships and break up with someone in one night, it’s only natural that a second date can feel like commitment and a big deal. However, I like the idea of three dates before you get to know someone.

The first date everyone is on their best behaviour and maybe a little nervous. The second date, you might be battle with these feeling of “what does this mean?”, and then third gives you a chance to get to know someone based on the real them and them on the real you.

Question yourself as to why you feel the pressure of time. Is it because you feel a biological clock? Or are you worried about getting into a relationship and committing to one person? Try and take a few deep breaths if you feel nervous on date number 2 but assure yourself that date number 2 still doesn’t mean at all that anything is official. It’s just a second date.

What might also help for date number two is doing an activity together instead of sitting opposite each other during a meal. This way it will allow your brain to be a bit more preoccupied with whatever you are partaking in instead of consumed with the negative thoughts and fears about it being on a second date.

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