I have been dating for a while now but feel like it’s the same scenario over and over again

I have been dating for a while now but feel like it’s the same scenario over and over again. I have not met anyone in a while that I like and I’m over flipping through dating sites. How do I get my dating mojo back again?

Sounds to me like you need a bit of a break from dating. Sometimes it can be exhausting and if you have been feeling a bit disappointed, then you could be going out into the dating world with an already negative view.

Think of this like resetting the dating clock. You need to take some time off to give your negative mind time to disappear and go back out there with a clear and open minded view.

Is there an activity can you can try? Can you start a new hobby or challenge? Something to take your mind of things but also help bring a bit more happiness and joy into your every day life. Sometimes it can be good to set a time frame and within that time frame to set goals and challenges. You need to be careful when you take yourself off the market that you don’t get too used to not having to deal with all those dating dramas that you don’t return.

It might also be time whilst you are taking a break to do a bit of soul searching. Why are you getting so down about dating? Yes, there can be dramas and disappointment, but celebrate that you can even have those in your life. One day you might look back whilst you are in a relationship and only wish you had enjoyed your dating time more – the good and the bad.

You don’t know how long you will spend in singles world but it’s not such a bad place to be. Celebrate the positives but try and look at future dating dilemmas with a bit more of a carefree attitude. Find the funny side of the dating dramas and try and enjoy it just a little more.

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