I have been with my partner for a few years now and she is giving me pressure to propose.

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I have been with my partner for a few years now and she is giving me pressure to propose.

Why is your partner giving you pressure to propose? It might be a clue that you are not quite on the same page. If you have been together for a long time, her frustrations and pressure might be rational. But what about you? Feeling that something is the right thing to do is not necessarily the right thing for you. This could be a good chance for you to work out what you want and by the sounds of it you might need to work that out rather soon.

In relationships, especially long term ones, we can get caught up with life and the should do curse. We date someone, the relationship becomes more serious, we live together and then there is the expectation that an engagement should occur. It’s very easy to get swept up with this process and not to stop to think about what is right for you. This is where some self exploration might need to be had. Do you even want to get engaged? Do you want to get engaged to this person? Do you need more time? These are the questions you need to ask yourself first.

If you have your doubts or are not so sure, don’t rush into it. As terrible as it sounds, it’s easier to leave now than later down the track. Don’t be with someone because it’s easier to stay with them then to go through a split or because to have them in your life you need to propose.

I’m not sure if I believe in the concept of the one. But I do know that when you are in a relationship where you see a future with that person and possibly marriage, it should feel right. I also think it’s natural to have some doubts and fears, but at the end the day the way you feel about this person and the life that you have together should trump all of that. If this is not a feeling you are having now, you might need to really question the relationships you are in.

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