I have just started dating someone who doesn’t want kids. I really like him but children are something I have always strongly desired. Do I continue dating him for a while or do I end things now?

This is a difficult one and one of these situations where the brain might need to make decisions over the heart. First of all, you need to work out if children is something you 100% do want and in that consider what life would be like without them? Have you ever challenged this idea or just accepted it’s something you should do? If your desires are still the same, then the decision could be to stay for a bit longer and run the risk of future heart ache or stop dating him as you know there is a massive deal breaker ahead.

If you do like this guy, then depending on what you age is, continue to date him casually could be a bit of fun. But the problem and future heartache will be if you really fall in love with him. Will you then be able to give him up because he doesn’t want children? Date him but at a distance and stay somewhat guided as you know it’s expiring dating – it will have an end point due to the possibility of children. It might be a matter of exploring feelings here and also balancing time.

Some people might say that there is a possibility of him one day changing his mind, which could be the case but not something to rely on or base your decision on now. If has been open enough with you to let you know where he stands on his. Thinking he will change his mind might be distressful to his decision and honesty.

There is no simply solution to this but a lot of things to start thinking about and considering. And sometimes we need to put our head in front of our heart when future lifestyles are to be considered. This might be a matter of doing something for your future self.

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