I was married for 23 years and want to get back into dating scene

I was married for 23 years and after a year of finding myself again and getting my confidence back, I’m wanting to date but feeling a little nervous. Do you have any advice to help me get back out there?

Congratulations on taking the time to find yourself again. It’s never an easy thing to do after a long term relationship, but such an important thing in the healing process. Getting back out there in the dating world might just be the next step for you and try not to see it as something scary and difficult but exciting and new.

Dating has changed in the past 23 years but the good news is there are more options for woman out there than there ever has been before.

It’s important first to do something I like to call practice dating. Put yourself out there on dating sties and apps or maybe even attend a singles event. But make sure you intention is to just get your dating experience back. Don’t put the pressure on yourself that you must meet someone for a relationship straight away. Just get used to dating in general and see it as a fun way to meet interesting and new people. That way you might say yes to more dates, be relaxed on more dates, and take a few more chances. For the first while think that your dating training wheels are on.

When the time is right to take them off you will know. You will start to work out what is right and wrong for you and what company of others you enjoy. From this dating experience, you will re learn what it’s like to be out there but also work out what you want so when you are ready to date more seriously (if you want to) you will not be so nervous and have a little more understanding of the dating world under your belt.

Enjoy getting back out there and meeting new people, wherever those new people might lead you.

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