I wish somebody told me how hard chasing your dreams can be

They say you should chase your dreams but no one warns you how hard chasing your dreams can be. They say you can do anything, but forget to tell you that anything comes with a lot of crap too.

I have just landed in LA for what feels like my thousandth time to launch my book ‘Single But Dating.’ But this didn’t happen overnight, in fact this has probably been the past 5 years in the making. I always knew I wanted to write a book, what I didn’t realise is how much I would love writing this book. Not just for the process but what you are able to bring into other’s lives. In this online world, there is something so beautiful about the printed word and something that can’t be destroyed by a virus or lost password.

When I first wrote ‘Single But Dating’, I was fulfilling a dream, but the next part of my dream was to take it into a market where this target audience of women were in abundance and craving for this type of help – the U.S.

Order Your Copy of ‘Single But Dating’ Here.

After taking off to America early last year and literally door knocking and sending 50 emails a day, someone decided to give me a chance. And then Trump happened. I have never been more excited to discuss issues that impact women than in a time and country where woman’s rights seem are not only a hot topic but at risk.

As I write this sitting on the plane from SYD to LAX, I am reminiscing over the past year and a bit and the challenges that have arisen. Time away from family, friends and loved ones, plus long hours, back problems due to too much screen time, breaking a laptop with a glass of water, legal battles, tears and what feels like millions of emails a week to here, sitting on this plane ready to chase my dreams and at least give this all a go.

But one thing I have learnt along the way, is you need to celebrate all milestones. I don’t know how this book will go and of course I want it to work out well. But I got here and I need to celebrate that because that was the dream. Of course there is a dream for the book to do well and to be able to do more writing, but writing this in the first place and having this launched in the U.S. was a big item on the list. So, I’m going to take a moment just to celebrate that and to thank all my family, friends and supporters who have helped me to get here.

Order Your Copy of ‘Single But Dating’ Here.

So keep watch and send your best wishes because ‘Single But Dating’ is on its way. You can order pre-sales copies here and if you are in the NY, Seattle, San Fran or LA, come by and check it all out.

I’m not going to apologise for the upcoming ‘Single But Dating’ photos, media and spam because I’m proud of it and are looking forward to sharing my journey with those that want to see.


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