I’m 33 and just began dating someone but before I met them was considering freezing my eggs. This is still something I’m interested in doing but not sure what to tell them.

The difficulty is that this is a new relationships and there are not guarantees as to what the outcome is going to be.

If this was a decision you made before you met this current person, it’s something that you should follow through. However you also need to consider his feelings as he might be a long term partner and this could one day affect him. Make sure you talk to him about it but explain your reasoning for originally making the decision and wanting to continue with it. You don’t want to give him the wrong message by going through with it without an explanation or shutting him out, leaving him thinking this new relationship has not future in sight. Saying that you want to be prepared for an uncertain future is always a good one. It might not be something you ever need, but it is there just in case. Educate him about the issues with age (it’s better to be doing it early rather than later) but give him a chance to ask questions and express feelings.

Going through this early in the relationship could bring up conversations you didn’t think you would be having so soon, but can also be a good test to see if he is the type of person that can support you through a big decision and also a medical procedure. Everyone has a different opinion on this one and some come from an uninformed place. Don’t be angry if this is the case with him, just take time to educate him on the process and your decision to consider it.

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