I’m dating a girl and the thought of her seeing someone else drives me crazy

I’m dating this girl I met online. I understand that when you meet someone online they are probably seeing other people but the thought drives me crazy. I’m not sure if I’m ready to be in a serious monogamous relationship, but I find myself getting so jealousy and curious about what she is maybe up to. What should I do?

Sounds like you are in a bit of a situation here. There are a few possible scenarios going on and I’m going to try and challenge you on this. Are you a bit backwards in you thinking or suffering from the case of double standards? You are not ready to be faithful with this person but you are expecting this person to be faithful to you? Sounds like you might want your cake and eat it too.

You need to ask yourself whether your view on this situation is due to a potential double standard between woman and men or more serious feelings for this person that you are trying to fight. Often if you are feeling jealous, it could be fear of losing someone. Is your jealousy coming from a place of ego or a place of potential love?

Do you just not want her to be with other men or do you want her to be only with you? You might have some soul searching to do with this one. You can’t expect her to take herself off the market unless you are willing to do so too.

The only way this jealousy might go away is by giving a serious relationship a shot or challenging why you are feeling jealousy in the first place.

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