I’m over hearing about Karl Stefanovic’s new romance

Frankly, I’m over hearing about Karl Stefanovic’s new romance and the heartache of his ex.

In the space of a few moments, I read one article about Karl and his new girlfriend Jasmine passionately kissing at LAX and then another about his ex, referring to an influx of photos of them as, “Like she’d been kicked in the guts”.

These articles seem to play on the idea that Karl is off having a good time with his new and much younger girlfriend (we are talking about 11 years, not 20 or 30), and Cass is sitting at home dealing with children and having a hard time whilst suffering the push of this new romance. But there is so much information left out. His trip with his new love was for a week and we don’t know how much time back home he has with his kids. We only see photos of Karl having a good time or being romantic with his new girl or Cass looking stressed and angry (as you would be if you were running away from paps).

In one article, it was stated that, “Cass is a very strong woman and she wants to move on, but it’s incredibly difficult when she has his new relationship flung in her face so publicly”, but who is flinging what in her face? Karl? Or the media?

I feel sorry for Karl and for Cass. They are not able to divorce in privacy. Karl is not flaunting his relationships in her face but just a victim of the paparazzi chase. His photos at the airport with his new love I thought were sweet, intimate and passionate. But under normal circumstances these are photos an ex wouldn’t have to see.

Karl and Cass separated and we don’t know why, but we don’t have to. All that we need to care about is that they did. At that moment he is free to move on as is she. Are we giving him a harder time than we have to? Is he coping it because he has moved on with a younger, attractive blonde? What if it was the opposite? What if Cass was the one to partner up with a much younger hunk? How would the tabloid headings change then?

There will always be double standards when it comes to men and woman and moving on after a separation is not safe from that.

Whilst I only wish Cass and Karl were allowed the privacy to go through what many others are able to do in privacy, I’m also a realist who understands that the consequences of being in the media comes with certain downfalls. And a lack of privacy is most certainty the biggest. But what I would like to see is a change in headlines and to give them both a break.

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