International Clitoris Awareness Week

I can’t belie I nearly missed this one. (Well some men have been missing it for years). May 6 – 12th is the first ever International Clitoris Awareness Week, an entire week to celebrate one of my favourite body parts. And don’t you think it’s not just good but great timing that it falls in Masturbation Month? ( And actually also over Mother’s Day – for those husbands who might have forgotten or dipped out in the present department).


But just like with Masturbation Month, CAW also has a more serious side (than reminding men we actually have one). The organisation behind this is Clitoraid, a Las Vegas based group usually devoted to helping victims of female genital mutilation. However, even though this organisation is somewhat serious, for one week they have decided to take a more fun and laid back approach to gain a bit of attention around their cause.


“We’ve noticed that the clitoris has not gotten its spot in the limelight. It makes people feel uncomfortable.” For this week, we don’t want to focus on genital mutilation.” States Clitoraid spokeswoman Nadine Gary. I’m not sure what clitlrios everyone else is dealing with but mine definitely doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable, quite the opposite and since It’s CAW I’m not afraid to say it. ( Well when have I been afraid to say anything?).


“We found that whenever something has an awareness day, it makes it more comfortable to talk about,” Gary stated.



So is this my excuse to talk about the clitoris more than on any other weeks? (Happy I didn’t miss it ). So here are my thoughts on the wondrous little bean that actually isn’t so little, it’s up to 8 inches long but in side.



And it’s not just a fluke that these two celebrations of sexuality collide. Gary wants to inspire other women to talk about their sexuality and maybe if we talked about it more, more women would know about the clitoris, how it worked and why they should it include it in all aspects of their sex life, including masturbation.


But how does one celebrate this week besides talking about it and hopefully doing something with it? Well fellow Clitoraid members dress in giant vagina costumes and hand out fliers on the Las Vegas Strip. If a group of protester can “Occupy Sydney” in Martin Place for months, than I’m sure we could vagina it up with a few festive costumes too! Or on a better and easier note just use it and celebrate that we use it, especially during this week.



Happy Clitroal Awareness Month




Dr Nikki


PS: And don’t worry, unlike with my Masturbation Month celebrations, I’m not going to run any competitions but just remind you all day long that women have one! ( Pity it was too late to plan a sky writer).


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