International Kissing Day

Today is International Kissing Day! It was originally something that began in the UK but has now been adopted worldwide.


The idea behind this special day is not to  go around kissing everyone in sight ( whoops), but to remind people of what kissing is all about. Many people have forgotten the simple pleasures associated with kissing. It is often seen as a sign of affection, foreplay or even an obligatory welcome, but it is so much more.



It has also been found that a passionate kiss triggers a surge of chemicals into the brain which flood the brain with sensations of relaxation and excitement. A study was conducted on 15 couples before and after holding hands and kissing. It was found that cortisol, a stress hormone went down with kissing in both partners while the level of oxytocin, a hormone linked to social bonding, increased, but only in men.



But besides this scientific information,  It is also a way to be intimate with another person. I think we underestimate how good kissing feels and how special is can be. We overlook those smaller sexual acts but in my opinion, we should kiss more, not just on International Kissing Day.


A study was done for this smootch of a day by, the romantic social network, who found some interesting stats about kissing.


Happy Kissing,
Dr Nikki



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