Is it normal to be jealous of a bachelor party with strippers?

Of course it is and I wonder why these traditions are still kept.

It’s not a last night of freedom as most don’t marry at first sight and have had a pervious relationship before “I do”. I don’t know anyone that likes the idea necessarily of their partner participating in a bucks night but seem to tolerate it as it’s a “tradition.”

Whether you agree with that or not you have a right to speak up if you are not ok with it. But instead of just banning the night altogether, discuss what it is that you are concerned about and if compromises can be made. Maybe you are ok with strippers but no lap dances. maybe you are not comfortable with strippers at all. This needs to be something that you discuss with your partner. You have a right to feel jealous but it doesn’t mean that jealousy should stop someone attending or having a bucks, rather be a good reason that a discussion with compromises needs to be had.

A lot can go wrong on a buck’s night but so can it to on any night of the week. You need to establish that trust because if you doubt your partner on a one-off occasion such as this, then how will you feel on boys nights out or other times when alcohol and a bit of partying is involved?

It’s also important to not see strippers as the enemy. They are there to do a job and get paid for it. Just because there are there dancing and taking their clothes off does not mean they are going to be coming after your partner. It seems to be a bit of a myth and a motivation as to why woman are worried about buck’s nights. They are woman just like you and just making a living in a different way.

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