Is it time to go on a shopping diet?

I’m going on a diet but it’s not focused on food. I have always been an emotional shopper but I feel things have recently gotten out of control. I want to focus my emotions more on non-material things in life. I feel these days we can all get caught up in this world of what everyone has, what we need and how we can flaunt ourselves to the world. But I want to focus more on just being happy with what I have right now and where I am in life and believe it or not shopping is a part of that. Why can’t I feel good in an outfit I’ve worn a million times before? If it looks good does it matter? Why do I have to follow a trend? I just want to be able to be happy just as me and I need to give my emotions some space from the highs and lows of shopping to do that.

I also feel anxious when it comes to spending money. I’m the worst person at making purchased over $50. I then get riddled with guilt and instead of being able to enjoy my purchase I beat myself up about it. I want to get to the point in my life that I don’t shop constantly so when I do find something I really love, I can purchase it guilt free.

I’m also feeling time poor and trying to put more money back into my own business for growth. But how can I do that when I waste too much time and money purchasing things I don’t need? I didn’t want to call it a ban because here are still some things that need to be purchased, but I do want to drastically decrease the amount of purchased I make. Therefore, the shopping diet is born.

I wasn’t going to say anything to anyone and just see how it went, but I feel I need to be accountable so therefore it’s time to be public with my bad shopping behaviours.

I don’t have a taste for expensive purchases but I do love a bargain. I feel as though I’m saving money by purchasing something at a discounted price. But when I think about the little bit here and there that is spent, it starts to all add up. Ring a bell for anyone else?

So as of the 15th of January, my shopping diet for 6 months starts. And here are the rules.

The Shopping Diet

  1. From the 15th of January 2018 to 16th of July 2018
  2. Cannot purchase anything except
    • Beauty products that are a necessity eg foundation, cleanser, moisturiser, mascara, hair spray etc
    • Presents for other people
    • If an item of clothing is sold, that money can be used for shopping
    • Finishing off the decorations in the apartment including; chairs for the table, lamp, buffet and outdoor plants but nothing else on top of this.
    • If a basic item of clothing is damaged or not the right fit it can be replaced. Basic item of clothing includes things such as gym pants, gym tops, a black bra etc
    • If something needs to be purchased for work eg microphones, electronic equipment, ink for the printer or if there is a requirement to wear a particular colour or style
      Something that is needed for the kitchen or apartment that is classified as a necessity.
  3. Any items of clothing can be altered to bring them back to life.
  4. If there is travel or a holiday planned, Claudia ( my bestie who is also one of the only people that can get tough with me) can nominate a small amount that can be spent on shopping.

Wish me luck!

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