Is Kissing The New Zumba?

I’ve been so busy lately that I’m finding it hard to find time to exercise. I recently did a segment on Channel 7’s Morning Show and spoke about the health benefits of sex, but I had never thought about sex as exercise until I was asked, “How many calories can you burn during sex?”



But for those of us who hardly have time to scratch ourselves, let alone make the time for a roll around in the bed, what can we do? The answer might surprise you; kissing! One minute of kissing  burns 2 – 5 calories. That might not sound like much, but it does put it in the same calorie burning range as golf, mowing the lawn, slow swimming and walking at a rate of 3.2 kms per hour.


Now for the busy folk, how much do you need to kiss to actually lose enough weight? Half a kilogram is 3500 calories so if you are kissing vigorously, that means you would only have to kiss for ten minutes a day. Just to be clear, I am not talking about tongue. Instead of shaking everyone’s hands, give them a kiss. Not only will you lose weight but you might make some more friends too.


Now if we are to step this up a notch and add a little French style into it – you will burn a lot more calories and use more facial muscles. But this does not give you the ‘all clear’ to go for the washing machine kiss. Under no circumstances is that appropriate.(And do not go around french kissing everyone instead of shaking their hands).


But wait, there’s more! Kissing just doesn’t just burn calories – it can help you in other ways too. The excitement that kissing causes tends to raise your heart rate which is essential for weight loss and speeds up your metabolism.


So next time you are feeling too lazy to go to the gym – you know what to do!


Happy Kissing,


Dr Nikki G

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