Is Scott Disick really a sex addict?

Scott Disick has been recently captured getting close to who knows how many women now on Cannes. But is this an issue? And is he a sex addict?

He himself professed on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that he was, but I call bull. The issue of sex addiction and whether it should be called even this is one thing, but what Scott is up to is another.

Before we all cry “addict” let’s look at a few things; –

1. He is captured being very flirty with these women and touchy. Does that mean he has had sex with them? It’s not rare for Scott to be seen as being touchy feely with women.

2. He isn’t in a monogamous relationship right now so is his behaviour so offensive or just that of a man within status and money partying it up in Cannes? He isn’t the first to carry on like this.

3. If he is having sex with all these women, is it so bad if it’s all consensual? Anyone who uses the term sex addiction or the better term unlike to use sexual compulsive behaviour, will look at if these sexual desires and behaviours get in the way of sustaining everyday life activities. I’m quite sure Scott is ok there is Cannes.

4. Is having a lot of sex with different people bad? We are society that likes to put shame on any sexual behaviours that are outside of the norm or seem excessive. Whilst there might be some who struggle with various sexual behaviours and desires, there are others who act on their desires because they are strong and want to experience them. If this is outside of the perceived norm, does it mean that they are necessarily an addict if these behaviours do not interfere with every life or cause the person trauma? Sometimes even when the person themselves comes out as a so-called sex addict, it’s not necessarily because they think so but because they are made to think so by others around them who are shaming this behaviour.

Scott has issues, that’s always been clear and his womanising ways have always been obvious. Is he a man suffering from sex addiction or just an insecure party boy, making the most of what’s around him whilst struggling to get it together? Be careful when we use the word sex addict for his behaviour. This might just be exactly who Scott is as a person.

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