Is Sex The Cure For Memory Loss?


Can you remember where you put the car keys? Have you forgotten that you told someone you would meet them for lunch? Did you forget to pick something up from the supermarket? Welcome to old age (or just me on a bad day!). I was recently having a conversation with my father about his forgetfulness and him considering taking up bridge as a hobby. That’s what people do at a certain age isn’t it? Bridge or crosswords or puzzles to keep the brain pathways connected and strong. I even once heard that you should brush your teeth with the other hand.


Well, I have a new activity for your – Sex! (Of course I’m going to say that, what did you think I would say? Gardening?). Scientists say that having sex later in life could be a pleasant alternative to these sometimes mundane brainteasers.


In 2011, 170 people aged between 63 and 75 were interviewed. The scientists found sexual satisfaction was directly linked with a young mind. Dr Peter Kroop stated that, “the results clearly show that staying active in later life – and this includes having sex – helps keep you cognitively active”. Sorry for all those women in their 60’s and 70’s who finally thought they had a break from the constant one eyed snake!


This is very much the use it or loose it approach. The study showed that not only is sex in old age possible, but helps you keep going. (I wonder how many of those participants were also on viagra?).


Now what about all that acrobatic sex with a bad back or arthritis? Well, Dr Kropp states, “even when couples loose the physical ability to make love, intimacy is still important. Sometimes holding hands or a loving glance is just as important”. (ohhhh how sweet). I suppose the challenge is being able to show a loving glance after 40 or so years of marriage! And please try not forgot anything I’ve said already. If you have, maybe that’s an indication of the necessity for some fun between the sheets tonight.


I’m not sure if this is a useful article or if I just indirectly encourage my parents and others to have sex (sorry for the visual).


Happy love making and remembering where the keys are or for those not so lucky, have fun playing bridge.


Dr NikkiG

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