Love Story 1

Well it might have taken a wile, but on day 2 of my quest to have my faith in marriage restored, the emails starting coming in.This one was sent in by Sky.


We met at school, friends of friends. She chased all the way through school, she was the straight smart kid and I was trying to be the cool kid.  She persisted and persisted and eventually i asked her out after we went to the movies.  We watched Deuce Bigalow… i am such a catch. lol 


We got married at 23, after 6 years of ups and downs (mostly ups or i wouldn’t have married her!). We talk well and get along well even if we don’t always agree. We had the same goals with family and life in general and just seemed to fit. It comes easily (most of the time, not always).We both have big close families and loved kids so we got married, bought the house and have 2 little girls. No white picket fence. It’s hard work. It’s mentally draining. It’s exhausting.


I work days and weekends, she has the girls in the daytime and works afternoon/nights with not a whole lot of sleep. We work at it. We talk as often as possible and have our kid free time thanks to excellent Grandparents.  Our kids make us happy. Our families are our life support.Would be lost without both of them. Even my in-laws believe it or not lol (does this make me crazy?) She makes me happy and I would hope I make her happy. Life is hard work for everyone. I am lucky to have found someone who makes it that little bit easier to deal with from day to day.Wow, putting that into words was hard… Kind of made my day!  haha Cheers


This is what I want to hear! It’s not always easy but it’s worth it. What I didn’t expect was that it ended up as a nice exercise for Sky to actually put down in words the story of his relationship.


My faith is nearly restored but like the greedy person I can be, I want more! If you have a story you think I need to hear that will help show me the good side of relationships and marriage, I want to hear it! Email me at and remember the best story wins a pack of lelo goodies valued at over $100.


Happy Writing!


Dr NikkiG



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