Love Story 3

I have been so focused on myself and having my faith restored in marriage that I did not even stop to think about those who do now have the right to marry.


Matt always says he noticed me first, but I beg to differ, I can spot a nice wiggling bottom a mile away. Like many gay boy we met at a club, one both of us had been to many times before, but this time we both would meet someone we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. Matt says he did all the “hard work” by standing at the juke box looking all cutsie-pie. He says he started talking to me first, but I say I started talking to him first about nothing in particular and soon it was time to leave. The crowd was moving across to the Oxford Hotel so Matt romantically asked me to follow them across by saying “well, are you coming?” I know, touching isn’t it? The night ended and as I prepared to leave the Oxford and get a taxi, Matt said quietly, at the top of his voice, “OI OI OI Digits!”


The rest is history. That was almost nine years ago. We moved in together and have wanted to get married for almost all of that time, just like the rest of our friends. We shop, we drive, we eat out just like our straight friends. We’d have children if we could but neither of us want to ruin our figures so we make do with spoiling others kids. We own furniture together,we go on holidays together and we cry together over soppy RomComs. We rub each other’s feet when they are sore and comfort each other in times of stress.


Doesn’t it seem only right that our commitment be recognised by marriage under law. Why should we be merely tolerated by having laws changed so we are ALMOST equal. 1+1 doesn’t ALMOST equal 2! 


Maybe it’s not marriage that I should be focusing on but lasting relationships that make it through the tough times and make it work. Keep on writing! If you have a love story and you want to share it with me, please email me at


Happy Writing,


Dr Nikki G

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