Love Story 4


This email was sent to me by a beautiful young women.


 Hey Nikki, just thought since you wanted some stories about family as well, I’d give you my Grandpa’s.


My Grandpa (Graham) and his second wife Alma don’t have the most conventional story, but it’s still pretty amazing. Firstly (just so the story makes sense) I’ll say that my Grandpa is 18 years older than Alma so they couldn’t have exactly been childhood sweethearts. In fact Graham had been engaged to my grandma the year Alma was born. Graham had had a really nasty break-up with my grandma and Alma’s first husband used to beat her up, so they’d both had pretty bad first marriages and weren’t really looking to go through that again. Alma was my uncle’s neighbor and that’s how they met. At this time my Graham was visiting his eldest son and first grandchild; whereas next door Alma was living with her six-year-old son Colin.


As these things happen Graham and Alma fell in love and got married. Graham helped Alma through university and supported her when she became a nurse. He raised Colin like his own son and now is like a grandfather to Colin’s little girl. Graham and Alma have been married 29 years this year. Graham is very sick and Alma has been his full time career for two years now. It has gotten bad just recently and Graham is in hospital but Alma comes in every day to see him, she takes care of him, sits with him and even gives him a shave if the nurses haven’t had a chance to yet. Although theirs is not the conventional marriage they love each other deeply and I truly believe it will be “to death till we part” for them.


 Hope this story gives you hope that even if marriage doesn’t work out the first time for you, it can still happen again.


It’s lovely to know that if it doesn’t happen the first time it does happen. People are often so scared of divorce and the stigma that comes with it. But really, it allows us to have a choice. If you are both not happy then should you stick around if there might be someone out there that can make you happy?


Time is ticking and I will be stopping this on Monday! My week will be up! If you have a love story you think I need to hear, email me,


Happy Writing,


Dr Nikki G

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