Love Without Intercourse

In a world where so many dating websites place such heavy emphasis on random hook ups and casual sexual encounters (and by the amount of members registered we can’t deny there isn’t a need for them), it is somewhat unique to come across a dating
site that doesn’t revolve around sex. In fact, the site I’m referring to,, is actually dedicated to people who are unable, either physically or mentally, to engage in sexual intercourse.

The website, at first glance is modern and surprisingly classy, states that they are “ a dating site that enables people who cannot engage in sexual intercourse to meet and experience love, companionship and intimacy at its deepest level. Sex plays a major role for many of us in our relationships, but what if for some unfathomable reason you found yourself unable to engage in sexual activities with your partner?

Laura, the creator of the site, found herself in such a situation when she survived stage 4 cervical cancer and was no longer able to function the way she used to sexually. She explains her motivations, “I didn’t want to be alone. This was the reason I went online”. Furthermore, she goes on to say “My reason is to help a lot of people like me if I can.”

It might come as a shock but not everyone wants to or is physically able to have sexual intercourse. This site
caters to people who suffer from conditions such as paralysis, birth defects or those who have been exposed to extreme radiation or undergone invasive surgery Not to mention that unfortunately for some men conditions such as prostate cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes can also affect their sexual functions. Despite their physical ailments, a disabled person may still have the same cravings for intimacy as an able-bodied person would and so they should also have the right to be able to fulfill those needs without any pressure or disapproval from potential partners. In many cases intimate touch and the feelings associated with sexual pleasure can be very beneficial in the recovery process. (For all those men who feel this to be a new reasoning for sex, I’m not talking about a head cold, but nice try). And please don’t confuse sexual pleasure and penis vagina sex. Some people are still able and still satisfied from activities that do not involved penetration.

Sex plays a key role in romantic relationships, so when something stops us from connecting physically with our partner, intimacy and mental connections become even more valuable. Why would you go through the heartache of explaining your condition and awaiting judgment on other web sites when you could simply click on a site like this that has like-minded people who will automatically hopefully understand your situation? Isn’t that what Internet dating is all about after all? The aim is to find and socialize with a group of people that you have something in common with or share a similar interest. In this case, you could find someone who understands your physical constraints and yet fulfill your emotional needs.

Ah! Finally! A perfect example of how the Internet could and should be used – to enhance our love lives not destroy them.

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