MAFS couples – are we moving too fast?

I like most other people have been caught up in the drama of Married At First Sight. I feel like it’s the drama associated with these marriages rather the marriages themselves that had us really hooked in. Whilst it is a show to find true love, the bold and the beautiful style plots have grasped a nation’s attention.

Glued to this week’s final episodes, whilst the reality of more drama sank in, I was soon left with a pondering question about these relationships – are they moving too fast?

It’s not the matches I am referring to, but the relationships that have appeared after the show. Whilst it seems couples like Charlene and Patrick and Telv and Sarah are settling in to life post experiment and working out kinks along the way, new couples Tracey and Sean, Carly and Troy seem to be moving along at a rapid speed as though they had just finished the experiment married to those people too.

Even though it was only 6 weeks post final commitment ceremony and for some brutal breakups, Tracey and Sean declare they have been together for 6 weeks, now moving to Melbourne together from Perth. I’m all for love, but it would seem that there should be some time for the dust to settle, especially after stopping filming a reality show, real life sinking in and getting over the betrayal from a romantic partner. Even for a new relationship, moving states and into a cohabitation situation seems quite fast. What happened to getting to know one another or taking your time to see if things work out?

And what about Carly and Troy? In the short time of two weeks, it seems that Troy has visited Carly multiple times in Melbourne, met each other family members and is ready to also move states. It’s this relationship that has me really scratching my head. They have explored intimacy and it appears they are carrying on like they have been together for months. Something just doesn’t feel right. No wonder Ashley felt blind sighted. Anyone might feel annoyed if their ex moved on that serious so fast. Carly tried to justify it by saying Ashley didn’t want Troy, but if your friend shacked up with your ex and was using the L word and moving in together after 6 weeks post your breakup, wouldn’t you feel strange too?

I don’t want to be the anti love Sexologist right now, but I’m not done knowing what happens to these couples and I hope through social media and media outlets we are kept updated as to what will further unfold. I have a feeling things are not going to stop here…

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