Masturbation Month

I can’t believe I nearly missed this one. I had spoken about it with some radio stations but forgot to include it in my ever so important blog. I’m going to blame it on Sexpo Townsville. I have just finished up with another Sexpo and just like new mums suffer from Mummy brain, I think those who work at Sexpo suffer from Sexpo brain – it’s a Sexpo hangover.


So as this month comes to an end, I feel it’s my duty to tell you that it has been Masturbation Month. It’s better late than never! Masturbation month started by Good Vibrations, an adult store in the US in 1995 after the then Surgeon General, Dr. Jocelyn Elders was fired for saying that, “masturbation is perhaps something that should be taught” about in the context of sex education classes. (Good on her). This was not meant to be a month where we walk around with our hands in our pants, but it was intended to get people to talk about self pleasure, which is so frequently a silent element in our sex lives.


During my talks at Sexpo I addressed self pleasure and how many of us, especially women don’t do it enough. It has so many benefits and can be so beneficial in a sexual relationship, yet there is so much shame and guilt around it. And it does need to be taught in schools.



Each year Good Vibrations manages to make Masturbation Month a little more interesting ( not that it isn’t interesting enough) by adding things such as, the masturbation hall of fame, lists of favourite masturbation euphemisms and places to masturbate and now finally the Masturbate-a-Thon.


Think of this like a walk-a-thon based on distance except people are sponsored based on how long they spend masturbating. (I know which one I would choose). The money raised goes to National Masturbation Month Charities, which focuses on sex education and sexual health.


In the event run by the Centre for Sex and Culture, awards are given for the longest duration spent masturbating and the most orgasms. Now don’t shoot me when I tell you this next part, but interested people who cannot attend will be able to follow via a live blog and twitter and are encouraged to participate at home. Unfortunately, this took place on the 27th! Woops, Sorry!!!


I do know you want specifics on how this actually works so here goes. Part of the room is blocked off for women only, another area for men only and a larger part of the room will have all genders. (I’m wondering if you just walk between all three?). A stage at one side will feature entertainment off and on through the day. (I would think masturbating in front of a group of people was entertaining enough).


But just because we are now in the month of June, does not mean you should stop! After all, masturbation is the safest form of sex and what better person to have sex with than someone you love, yourself!


Happy Masturbating,


Dr Nikki



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