Mother’s Day: a day to celebrate that woman called Mum or a day once again to spend cash on a celebration?

If you have walked around the shops lately or turned on the TV, you would aware of the commercialisation of Mother’s Day. Brands and shops have it all planned out for you. There is a deal on certain products and ways to celebrate being flaunted. But do they really care about Mum or the people that will spend the money because of this day?

What does Mother’s Day mean to me? This year things weree put into perspective. Not only am I with my Mum to celebrate this day, but I haven’t left her side (except to sleep) since she came out of surgery a few days ago. She is fine, just something routine but painful and has needed me for help and support. To me this is what Mother’s Day is all about, being there for the woman in my life called Mum.

I have purchased her presents and got the obligatory dressing gown, slippers and a nice book. But this year the real meaning of Mother’s Day has been drummed into me. It’s not what you can buy but what you can do to support and help her. I don’t want to diminish the idea of presents, all Mums love a good gift, but it’s not where our actions should finish.

And this day it not just about those who have given birth or share DNA. You might not be called Mum but take care of children like a Mum. You might not be able to be a Mum or a struggling to become one. You might not have given birth to a child but are called Mum by one. You might not have a Mum but can cherish the memory of your Mum. Being a Mum is not so straight forward these days and we need to open up Mother’s Day to support and celebrate other woman and what they experience in life and how they define the word Mum.

On Friday, I had the chance to speak at a Mother’s Day event at my old school. What I saw was a group of Mums supporting each other and discussing issues that mattered. Not only is Mother’s Day about those that might be Mums but also Mums supporting each other in being a Mum.

Whatever situation you are in and however you are celebrating – Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you do something positive for those you love and take the time to think about what the word Mum means to you and who in your life you might need to reach out to.

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