My Love Story

This is a story from my own heart that I want to share with you since it is love story week. I also forgot that the 25th of April, would have been my late grandparents 59th wedding anniversary, and if they were both alive today, I have no doubt that they would still be celebrating! It is funny that after all my tweeting and asking about your stories, I only had to look to my own family to have my faith restored in marriage.


My grandparents met when they both moved to Australia after the war. My Grandfather was a Taylor and his future brother in law, worked for him. When my Grandmother came to pick her brother up and caught a glimpse of my handsome Grandfather, it was love at first site.


After 14 years of marriage, my Grandmother’s life came to a tragic end due to illness, leaving behind two small children. But the story of their love  was one that was described to me many times as a child. I was always told by relative that she was the only women who knew how to handle him and after knowing him for 22 years of my life, I can understand it. But the love that is spoken about between them was straight form romantic movies. When he passed away at aged 82, and two wives later, I was happy to know that he was resting with the true love of his life, my grandmother.


My parents are currently on a holiday at the moment, in celebration of their 30th wedding anniversary. Theirs in a relationships of trust, honesty, respect and love and something that I have had the privilege of witnessing as I have grown up.


This has been such an interesting experiment for me and every email I have received has put a little smile on my face and restored my faith a little bit more. It is funny that on my quest for everyone else’s stories, it was the stories that were closet to me and my family that really made me believe in love, marriage and relationship again.


But I still need to decide besides my own story, which one was the best. As promised, there is a lelo pack of goodies to give away.  I will take the weekend to have a think and still leave this open until Monday. If you think you have a story that is more heart felt and tear jerking then what I have already published, please email me The winner will be announced on Monday, however if you relationship has triumphed through the hard times, then you are already a winner .


Happy Writing,


Dr Nikki G

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