My partner wants sex all the time and I feel like I’m doing it just out of obligation. How do I get back to enjoying my sex life again?

A difference in sex drive can be a common issues in some relationships.

The question is does one person have to go with less or the other force themselves into it when they don’t want to. The solution is to find a happy medium. But first of all it’s important to get your desire back. A short sex break might be a great idea. By short, I mean 2 – 3 weeks. It’s like resetting your sexual body clock. It’s important to give your body and mind a break from being bombarded and let your natural sexual desires kick back in.

It’s then also important to discuss a new sexual routine. Explain to your partner you are enjoying sex less because you are feel it’s something you have to do instead of want to. This feeling could be there because there is a lack of enjoyment for you or there is a focus that isn’t where it should be. This is going to be a balancing act of not feeling guilty for occasionally saying no to sex, working on enjoying it more when you have it but also ensuring you do still make the effort when you are feeling somewhat not in the mood. Can you juggle all these three things at once?

It’s not a matter of one person having to give in to the other but making comprises (sometimes you can say no and sometimes you give yourself a bit of a push into it) and working on increasing levels of enjoyment so when you do push yourself into it, you soon remember why you did.

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